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5 Essentials You Need For Your Wedding Invitations

Photo by: Steph Wahlig

While scrolling through Pinterest we all see the gorgeous photos of wedding invitations. Flat lays with beautifully wrapped invitations in vellum with silk ribbon, hand lettered envelopes, stunning fluffy florals, maybe some chiffon ribbon and wax seals for embellishments, all of the pretty things!

Photo by: Steph Wahlig

It’s easy to say, “I need all of these accessories in my invitation set for it to be perfect.” But what is essential to your wedding day? Which of those items are MUST HAVES to get your guests to your wedding? Do you need all the embellishments if your budget won’t allow it?

Here are the 5 essentials you've just got to have in your invitation suite!

1. Invitation- the invitation itself, of course! That’s numero uno. Can’t get away from this one. Your invite should have your names, date, time and place. Along with something along the lines of “you’re invited to...

2. Details card- the details card is important because this is the spot you give your guests even more information on your big day. Where they can expect to stay, if transportation is provided, adults only wedding, wedding website, etc. I like to keep this at 3-4 listed details and then directing them to your wedding website for more in depth details.

3. Reply card- You’ll want to include an RSVP card so that your guests can reply via mail with their attendance response. It’s a great idea to have a line on the card that says “we’ve reserved __ seats for you” so that your guests understand if they can bring a plus one or not. There are a ton of ways to go about this!

4. Envelopes- Definitely need envelopes to mail your invitation! Envelopes come in many colors and can be customized to create a cohesive look for your design. Also, don’t forget the envelope for your RSVP card!

5. Guest Addresses- start collecting your guest addresses early on to reduce the headache of getting responses the week the invites are supposed to ship. The RSVP card needs to have YOUR address on it so your guests can easily send it back to you.

BONUS: Here’s another piece you'll need!

  1. Stamps- Of course you need stamps to send out your invitations. The post office has cute love stamps available along with some other designs or vintage stamps are a nice touch depending on your design. But be aware that typically wedding invitations (once all that paper is in the main envelope) will cost more than an average letter. So it’s a good idea to take a finished set to your post office to have them weigh it and then determine how much it’ll be to send it off.

Luckily for you, I have a collection of pre-designed wedding invitations built off these exact needs. The Essentials Collection has all the basics you need get your guests to your wedding plus some gorgeous designs. This means it includes guest addressing on your envelopes! You don't need to worry about writing 50+ addresses plus your return address. We take care of this for you! Easy peasy. You can view our semi-custom collection, The Essentials, here.

Embellishments and Custom Design

Want all those fancy embellishments mentioned at the beginning? We offer custom bespoke wedding invitations in the Luxe Collection! Your invitations are the first impression to your wedding! Set the tone for your wedding with custom invitations and tell your love story through your them!

Photo by: Leah Aire Photography

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