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7 Reasons to Choose a Local Stationer For Your Wedding Invitations in Phoenix

Updated: Jan 26


wedding invitations Arizona stationer designer in person meeting

Wedding invitations are a necessity when it comes down to it, right? You need an invitation to send to your guests so that they know the details for your big day. But the question is, where do you get them?

Now there are several resources for invitations, some not for the faint of heart (I’m looking at you DIY’ers) as there are A LOT of moving parts to an invitation suite, but that’s a blog post for another time. You have your options of: local or online stationer (real person, one-on-one service), DIY printing, or online retailer.

Before I list my reasons why to invest in a stationer, I should note that I’m not (completely) knocking online retailers such as Minted, The Knot, Zazzle, etc. These online stores are for couples who don’t truly care about the art of stationery and don‘t want to allow more budget for it- and that’s okay! I get it. But there are so many great reasons why paper stationery is important and why you should care.

Without further ado, reasons to invest in your wedding invitations:

Custom wedding invitations  dusty blue ribbon modern Arizona invite


1) Invitations are tangible pieces from a wedding that the couple and guests can keep forever. Think about it, so many people display wedding invitations on their fridge! So, technically it’s home art for a while.

Most parents and grandparents will save invitations as keepsakes. It’s also the perfect memento to be displayed in your wedding shadow box post wedding.

Custom wedding invitations hand torn deckled edges handmade paper romantic Arizona invite

Custom Design

2) Working with a designer for a custom design doesn’t mean “my colors are blush and white and I want it to be romantic like this Pinterest photo..” No, it’s so much more than that! Working one-on-one with a designer is being able to have a one-of-a-kind design that truly reflects the couple, not just copying something you like or is only the aesthetic of the wedding.

Moody wedding invitations wax seal florals black velvet ribbon vellum jacket velvet envelope

No one else will have the same design

3) Going with a big online company for invites means that it’s not unique and thousands of other people have the same design as you. The EXACT same, other than you names and details of course.

Supporting Small Business

4) You’re not only supporting local business but someone’s family and dreams.

When you book with me, you’re supporting my little family and my creative outlet that lets me be me, instead of just a mom and wife (which I love being, I’m just more than only that 💕).

Overwhelmed with Choices

5) I hear this all the time. Through big sites you’ll be overloaded with design choices, there are thousands. So one may spend too much unwanted time sifting through the options (like the TV channels, “what else is there??”) and then feel overwhelmed. With a local designer, you'll meet in-person, see samples and choose what speaks to you. The designer creates something based off of your vision.

Gold and white wedding reception menus, table numbers, place cards

Wedding Branding

6) Cohesive design throughout your wedding. Menus, place cards, thank you cards will all match so it doesn’t feel and look jumbled. Buying a template online may mean you don't have the rights to that design to use in other places of your wedding- meaning different fonts, design and looks throughout your wedding day. Also meaning you will be buying from multiple vendors- rather than just one stationer.

gold foil wedding invitations black paper traditional classic

Communicating to your Vendors

7) Stationers can communicate with your planners or caterers when it comes to the wedding logistics, making transitions smoother for your big day! I love to communicate with planners to be sure we are on the same page for the place cards and meals, so there are no hiccups in the service of your food. I also love to send a copy of your invitation to your photographer for your detail photos.

There ya have it. Just a few reasons why it’s important to work with a small business for your wedding stationery goods.

Ready to stop looking endlessly online for an invitation that feels like you?

Custom stationery might just be the answer for you. Book your consultation call with me today to chat about your wedding invitations.

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