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Why I Don't Agree with an Early Ceremony Start Time on your Wedding Invitation

By a Former Wedding Planner turned Custom Wedding Stationer


Custom wedding invitations by Copper Cactus Company

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The idea of putting an earlier ceremony start time on your wedding invitation may seem enticing.. An earlier time means your guests show up ready to go so you can start the wedding right when it's scheduled for.

However, I disagree with this practice.

As a former wedding planner, I’ve seen that most guests actually arrive early, usually 15-30 minutes early. If you have an early start time your guests could be waiting around for quite a while- especially if your timeline begins running behind...

Picture this.

Say your ceremony is supposed to begin at 5:30pm but you put 5:00pm on the invitation. Most of your guests will arrive between 4:30pm - 4:45pm. The hair and make up team is running just 10 minutes behind because your sister decided to add hair. Now the transportation company is running 5 minutes behind- all which is fine, 15 minutes past the start time but now your guests who arrived at 4:30pm, are waiting for an hour and fifteen minutes... ouch.

So stick to the scheduled time on your invitation and always have buffer timing in your day-of timeline!

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